Jason M. Fields, CCRS, CFEI


Jason Fields is a current member of the Wisconsin State Legislature, serving on the Assembly Committee on Financial Institutions. First elected to the State Assembly in 2004, Jason has become a leader in matters of state and local finance. 


His career in business and finance runs deep, having started a venture capital fund, a business consulting firm, and having worked directly in the banking and securities industry.


Jason has always been deeply involved in his community and is well known by his constituents who he proudly represents while serving in the State Assembly. 


Born and raised in Milwaukee, his ties to our city and his community are seen in his commitment to public service, which is why he has a passion for making positive change for everyone in our city. Jason is running for Comptroller because he feels Milwaukee is at a crucial moment in its history and he wants to bring his professional background in finance to City Hall to be Milwaukee’s chief financial officer. 


He and his wife, La Tasha Fields, live in Milwaukee’s Wyrick Park neighborhood.

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Jason is running to become the City of Milwaukee’s Comptroller in the election being held Tuesday, April 7, 2020. 

He took first place in a three-way race by a twelve-point margin in the primary election.



The Milwaukee Comptroller is the city's chief financial officer (CFO) and administers Milwaukee’s financial affairs. This entails having fiscal control over the activities of approximately 40 city departments and agencies.


Milwaukee is the hub of industry and commerce for the state of Wisconsin, and serves as the main population center that supports the state’s general economy. As a citywide office, the Comptroller is a vital component of the financial well-being of everyone in Milwaukee.


This position essentially “writes the checks” for Milwaukee's finances and general needs, and should be led by a financial professional who understands the intersection of government, the economy, and business.



When we work together, as a community, we can make Milwaukee the strongest it has ever been.

Fixing Our Finances and Solving the Lead Pipe Crisis
The current Comptroller and his office refused to audit lead abatement programs for three years, and because of their inaction the Common Council had to act on its own and order an external audit. This is unacceptable by any standard. As Comptroller, I will use the authority of the office to be proactive and solve the lead pipe crisis across Milwaukee to protect our children from further poisoning.

Bringing City Business Back to Milwaukee


When it comes to how the Comptroller’s Office spends its money, it’s time we ensure that we’re hiring Milwaukee-based firms, employees, and vendors to not only keep our tax dollars here, but also create a mutual investment between the city and local businesses. As Comptroller, I will have a new initiative to ensure we’re contracting more with women and minority-owned businesses. As the city’s chief financial officer, I will always place a priority on local firms and labor to meet Milwaukee’s most crucial financial goals.

Promoting Entrepreneurship and Local Startups


The Office of the Comptroller can do more to promote entrepreneurship and startups across our city and do whatever is possible to help businesses grow. As the city’s chief financial officer, I will have the responsibility of ensuring we have a strong and vibrant local economy to grow the tax base we need to succeed. Milwaukee is a city on the rise, and it’s time we make substantial steps toward showcasing our city’s talent.

Bringing Women and Minorities into the Pension System 


Milwaukee’s pension system has always remained in relatively good shape, but we should be doing more to expand access to bring in more women and minorities. As a community, we all do better when everyone does better, and that means having the guarantee of a stable, safe, and secure retirement. This also includes fostering the growth of women and minorities who wish to be a part of managing financial funds on behalf of the City of Milwaukee. As Comptroller, I will work with city and state leaders in order to promote this change along with ensuring we maintain a strong credit rating.


Being An Engaged Member of Our Community


Our citywide leaders should be active, vocal members of the community who show up and participate in neighborhood activities outside of election season. As the Comptroller, I will be engaged with residents, community organizations, and the small businesses that anchor our local economies. We can even go further and create pathways for low-income residents to have access to quality, reliable financial assistance, because being a part of the community means taking care of our neighbors. You’ll have someone you know and trust as the city’s chief financial officer.


Reaching the Full Potential of the Office


The Comptroller is Milwaukee’s chief financial officer. For such an important position in Wisconsin’s largest city, residents have not heard enough from this type of citywide leadership, nor have we seen innovation in government to provide services to the people or create new ways of conducting business. As Comptroller, I will have a transparency initiative so everyone in Milwaukee is aware of the financial decisions being made and how it affects your bottom line. It’s time we reach the full potential of one of Milwaukee’s most important elected offices.


Milwaukee is a vibrant city of nearly 600,000 residents and serves as the economic hub of the State of Wisconsin. 


With an annual budget of roughly $1.5 billion, the city has an obligation to ensure that every dollar is spent wisely and invested properly for the long term. As we continue to grow, and we continue to have more obligations, we need to ensure we strike a balance between increasing and maintaining current levels of service while also investing in underserved communities across our city.


We’re as diverse as we are large. The challenge is meeting the needs of all of our neighbors, in every community across Milwaukee. That’s why a large city requires active professionals to ensure that current and new obligations are being met without the fear of disruption or uncertainty. 


From Milwaukee’s South Side to the North Side, from Miller Park to Lake Michigan, everyone agrees that Milwaukee is at a turning point that requires leadership, discipline, and skills to navigate the uncertainties of the national economy. 


As Milwaukee’s Comptroller, I will be the financial professional that our city requires and ensure that we continue on the path of growth, investment, and keeping the books balanced for years to come. 


Wondering where to vote on Tuesday, April 7, 2020? Click here to find out, courtesy of the State of Wisconsin.



As the campaign continues to move forward and the election gets closer, check back for a growing list of supporters, from elected officials to community members, who support Jason to be Milwaukee’s next Comptroller.

Milwaukee Building and Construction Trades Council

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 494

North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters

Milwaukee Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton

Former Milwaukee Mayor Marvin Pratt
Milwaukee Alderwoman Chantia Lewis
Milwaukee Alderwoman Nikiya Dodd
Milwaukee Alderman Khalif Rainey

Milwaukee Alderman Russell Stamper, II
Wisconsin State Representative Daniel Riemer
Wisconsin State Representative Christine Sinicki

 Wisconsin State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa
Wisconsin State Representative Kalan Haywood

Wisconsin State Representative David Bowen

Wisconsin State Representative LaKeshia Myers

Milwaukee County Board Supervisor Tony Staskunas

Attorney John Daniels  
Attorney Cory Nettles  
Carl Mueller  
Andre Lee Ellis  
Attorney Barbara Boxer

Mark Wade
Kevin Newell  
Wenbin Yuan
Lisa Mauer

Hattie Daniels
Pastor John McVicker
Attorney Emery Harlan
Attorney Greg Wesley

Gerard Randall
Dr. Howard Fuller
Attorney Cory Hoze
Paul Sweeney
Sherwin Hughes
Brian Schupper

Jewel Currie
Carl Brown
Lloyd Levin
Mac Weddle
Burt Davis
Marquette Baylor
Brandie De La Rosa
Attorney Dan Adams






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